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Determined not to use conventional nappies/diapers for your baby?

Exploring all the old school cloth and modern cloth nappy options as a means of reducing your impact on the planet?

Love eco disposables for their intention but not sure about the production process and travel miles? Or the price?

Wanting to find the healthiest, most gentle and connective way of dealing with your babies hygiene needs?

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About Nappy Free

Nappy Free! is a method of baby hygiene also called “elimination communication” (a phrase first coined by Ingrid Bauer, author of Diaper Free, Natural Infant Hygiene) which can reduce or remove the need for nappies ~ cloth or disposable, and all the potential allergens and environmental costs they carry.

Nappy free, diaper free, elimination communication, natural infant hygiene, toilet timing… all names for a system of toileting so ancient that it precedes names altogether!


This practice from our global collective past is perfectly adaptable to the modern world and is still in use in many countries today.


We need to take responsibility for the damage we have done to the environment.
Natural, gentle, eco-aware ~ this way of dealing with your babies waste is making a comeback in the West. It’s a gift from our ancestors past, a way we can reduce our reliance on products, unplug from a consumption-based culture, and move forward into an environmentally healthy future, Being the Change.

Download the full video here!

This 30 min video (perfect for sharing with partners and extended family) explains everything you need to know about Elimination Communication – its origins and why it’s still relevant today, how to communicate with your baby, specific strategies for when you’re out and about, and a whole lot more.

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Award winning!

Green Lifestyle Film Festival
2010 For outstanding contributions
to a sustainable lifestyle

Why go nappy-free?


+ It’s organic, natural and non-harmful in every way
+ It significantly reduces your babies ecological footprint
+ You’ll reduce consumption of fuel, energy and water
+ It encourages gentle loving awareness and is supportive of other attachment parenting practices, like baby-wearing
+ You are respectfully meeting your babies needs rather than placating them when they express a need to ‘go’.
+ Enhances your intuition & non-verbal communication
+ Supports positive understanding of our bodies and their natural functions for the whole family including other siblings…
+ Avoids potential allergens, chemicals and detergents in nappies, by simply skipping the
cleaning process
+ Removes nappy or diaper rash from the equation altogether
+ Reduces spine bending when wearing bulky nappies on tiny bodies
+ You’ll gain a deeper understanding of your Babies digestive system… as they breastfeed, grow and change eating habits.
+ Being Nappy Free is much more comfortable than wearing one…
+ Less ‘schtuff’ to lug around with you on outings…
+ Saves heaps of time, money & trees…
+ The journey to hygiene independence is much faster this way

+ Much more fun than changing a dirty nappy…
+ Being Nappy Free provides yet another perfect reason to hold, kiss, and cuddle your baby…

“My partner and family were VERY sceptical about going Nappy Free. Watching the DVD opened them up to the whole process. Now, my family ask me how it’s going and celebrate our little steps with us. And my partner? He is often better than me at reading cues and loves it. He tells everyone he can about Nappy Free!”


Reduce your impact
Connect with your baby
Enhance your intuition

Got questions?

I help Mamas and families on their Nappy Free / EC journeys. Book in an online call here.

I also work with women & couples offering spiritual and emotional preparation for birth.
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Got a media request? I’m an experienced speaker and could talk about Nappy Free and how we can change the world one baby at a time, till the cows come home…