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About The Filmmaker
I’m the Mama of two beautiful children who were both Nappy Free from birth… I love the communication and learning we share on our journey together. This has definitely been enhanced by my awareness and actions around their early toileting needs.

I found this awareness brought so many benefits to our family life. I smile inside, knowing that in many different ways, both of my children’s ecological footprints have been significantly reduced by using Nappy Free or Elimination Communication (EC) as a means of moving towards toileting independence.

When my firstborn was six months old, I began filming our Nappy Free journey, and that of other families in our local area. I was just so impressed with the intimate process of EC, the potential benefits and the many unseen implications of embracing this method. I wanted to share all the wonderful things we were discovering with others, and love working with film. At the time there were no other audiovisual publications around about Nappy Free or EC and I imagined that for interested parents to share this information with each other, or with their extended families, a short format exploration of the what/why/where/how would be helpful…

I had a great time making the film, working with friends and bonny babes! Subvert the dominant paradigm, evolve in consciousness and save the Earth all at the same time…

My favourite aspects of the unfolding fun of being a Nappy Free family are the environmental responsibility, the cleanliness & health of the baby’s genitals, the increased awareness for both Carers and Baby, the enhanced intuition and seemingly telepathic communication, the respect of a babies innate intelligence, the minimalism, the fact that this practise is way, way ancient and of course… reduced washing!!!

For the Earth & Our Children,

Nicole Moore

Ppppppppppsssssssssssssssssss; I enjoy getting feedback from people who have watched the Nappy Free! Dvd. Please feel free to contact me with your responses, or questions…

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