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Nappy Free - a detailed account of one Australian family's Nappy Free journey, every single step of the way. A fantastic resource. - An American 2-disk informational DVD set covering all the basics of infant pottying, including how it works, how to get started, techniques and tactics, medical and professional opinions, contributions from parents, and resources. Run time: approx 2 hours. By Laurie Boucke, also see below. - Laurie Boucke, Author of Infant Potty Training. - Ingrid Bauer, Author of Diaper Free, Natural Infant Hygiene. Articles on many related issues - Online international community of EC families, mentor programs, articles, advocacy support. - Sells the Elimination Communication books here in Australia. - A unique Australian magazine, formerly named Byron Child. Focuses on Sustainability, Connection Parenting and Intelligent Living. - Australia's leading Organic Baby Lifestyle shop. - Mother of four, G.P, Author, Natural birth advocate. A wonderful writer and thoroughly researched authority on pregnancy, birth and natural parenting. Excellent articles. - Eco-friendly wear for little groovers. Specialising in unique handmade clothing and Nappy Free baby pants & Eco Nix (super absorbent trainer pants) - an online community of old hands and first timers. - EC clothing and information - An inspiring site with articles on EC, Aware Parenting, & Non Violent Communication. - A site dedicated to Conscious Birth… A film called Birth As We Know It that shows the path to conscious birth and portrays birth as an opportunity for contribution to conscious evolution for our species. - Hub of homebirth politics in Australia' - Best chai in the world! What I do when not making films…

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