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“When Sunny was about three months old, I watched the “Nappy Free” DVD and felt inspired watching other couples also looking for cues and for suitable spots on outings! I learnt a few new things – such as wriggling as a cue for a need to go. After watching the DVD, I realised that I was already tuned into his cues and could choose to act on them more consistently and frequently. From then onwards, I had more awareness and listened to my intuition more. And when I didn’t act on my intuition, I chose to celebrate that I was receiving the messages, rather than berate myself for not acting on them. From then on, Elimination Communication became a lot more fun!”
Marion Badenoch Rose

"The warmth and honesty of the film opened my family and partner up to the whole elimination communication process"
Maeva, Lismore

“Fun, colourful and funky. I love sharing this with my friends who ask about EC. Makes it all seem as easy as it is.”
Alex, Sydney

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